vibrancy & diversity
arts & heritage
dining & entertainment
Sixty-two percent of ‘Quality of Life’ survey respondents indicated that they spent time at restaurants, nightclubs, theatre, music and cultural events.
'I love Jozi because of the hip-hop-and-happening vibe. It has an unbelievable energy that is exhilarating yet exhausting – makes you sleep really well.'
'There is a buzz and dynamic that is great for an adrenaline junkie...a variety of sporting events; the inner city; the immense diversity of cultures, not only African but also the foreign diversity with my experiences of living in a very Portuguese environment; the variety of special events like Jazz at the Lake, operas and recitals of all different kinds; the traffic jams; the way people chat to you in the queue and on the street.  Airfares are also cheaper from here to overseas destinations.' – Rags,
lover of the region

'It is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. A melting pot of all cultures. It’s the only place where you can sit at a restaurant and have coffee with a white person and don’t have aunties and uncles looking at you…'

'People interact easily, and cultures mix to create one common culture. It is the hub everyone says it is. It’s about the people – constant contact with different people all the time. We are diverse and we love it. We work hard and play hard.'

'Live concerts by Kaya Fm are the best.'

'I enjoy Gauteng for its nightlife, restaurants, leisure activities, shopping, museums, galleries, and theatre. There is not much difference with what we see on TV and New York. Even after the World Cup, we got that confirmation from the tourists.'

'Gauteng is alive and entertainment is a good business. We are doing cultural dancing to get money to send kids to school.' – Realeboga, cultural group

cultural events include:

  • Emmarentia Dam Music Concerts
  • Jazz on the Lake
  • Kaya FM Music Concerts
  • Joburg Day

theatres include:

  • Civic Theatre
  • Market Theatre
  • State Theatre
  • The Alhambra Theatre
  • The Barnyard Theatres
  • Theatre on the Square
  • The Victory Theatre