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the allure of Gauteng

what are the main factors driving migration into the GCR?

The primary driver of in-migration into the GCR is the lure of employment and economic opportunities. According to data from, the GCR is the largest urban economy on the continent when measured on a purchasing power parity basis.  This offers the prospect of finding a job and ‘making it’

Regional economic, political and security problems also affect migration into Gauteng, as people move in search of the relative security and opportunities they perceive Gauteng can offer.

As Gauteng rolls out services, infrastructure and housing to meet the needs of its growing population, the more people are likely to be attracted and migrate to the province.

migration ‘pull’ factors

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Landau, L. and Gindrey, V. (2009) 'Gauteng 2055 Trend Paper: Population & Migration'

The map below reinforces the main reasons for in-migration discussed above. The map is based on a 10-part matrix for measuring poverty (proposed by StatsSA in 2001), where areas coloured red are showing high levels of poverty, and areas in green are showing low levels of poverty. As the map makes clear, Gauteng and the broader city-region represent an oasis of prosperity surrounded by poverty. It therefore acts as a major regional magnet, attracting work-seekers from surrounding provinces and countries.

GCR poverty index

GCRO (2010)