bright future
bright future

we believe in a bright future shared by all

As discussed in the ‘government and governance’ theme,  GCRO’s 2009 ‘Quality of Life' survey showed that 59% of GCR respondents believe that the country in on the right track. Africans hold the majority of this opinion (62%), followed by more than half of coloured and Indian respondents. Whites, at 42%, remain the most skeptical about the future of the country. The finding that more than half of Gauteng city-region residents believe that South Africa is going in the right direction indicates progress toward the prospect of a stable future shared by all races. This is probably one of the most positive findings emerging from the GCRO’s ‘Quality of Life' survey.

and we feel cared for
percentage of respondents in each municipality who felt that no-one cares for people like them
GCRO (2009)  ‘Quality of Life’ survey
Gautengers are affected by crime but less than might be expected
Seventy-nine percent of respondents told us they had not been the victim of any crime in the 12 months prior to being interviewed (in September/October 2009), despite crime being identified as one of the top three community problems as identified by survey respondents.
GCRO (2009) ‘Quality of Life’ survey