role of cities
SA and the GCR
green initiatives
solar energy
energy efficiency
water and sanitation
mobilising the region
recommendations for turning our region green

key drivers that promote the development of a green economy for the Gauteng province


create new skills and jobs
encourage innovation
promote investment
decouple growth from resource consumption
improve energy and resource consumption efficiency
promote energy security
reduce dependency on crucial imports (oil)
minimise dependency on fossil fuels
respect ecological limits
shift energy supply to decentralised renewable energy
create food security
alleviate poverty

our recommendations for getting there

The recommendations were made by the GCRO to the Gauteng Provincial Government for places where policy could be used to re-orientate towards this type of economy.

so what’s the long and the short of it?

moving to a sustainable, developmental green growth model is imperative

The Gauteng city-region has enormous potential for massive savings on

  • energy use
  • reducing our carbon emissions
  • using our natural resources.

Regulatory certainty will unleash green industry potential and allow for manufacturing – instead of importing – as well as the creation of significant numbers of green jobs in installation and maintenance.