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'Joburg is gritty and edgy, has hidden beauties, people take risks – personal and professional – and are willing to have fun. It's an unpretentious city in some ways – although it's enslavement to money is tempered by its madder, experimental ventures. It also embraces the African diaspora.'

'Gauteng has the most vibrant, colourful variety of life - within 15 minutes you can go from drums beating at a church service in the koppies to the most sophisticated shops and restaurants and in the middle of a business metropolis you can find an intimate villagey scene of people chatting, trading and relaxing in the shade of a tree. We also have the best weather, gardens and trees!' – Cathy, artist

'I love Gauteng for its dynamic people, confidence and swagger, competitiveness, the energy to make the most of each day. It’s the smallest province with the biggest variety and also the most cosmopolitan. It’s being at the centre of everything in the country and region!! And probably the whole entire continent!!'

'The thing about this place is the people and the incredible diversity.' – Tracey, doctor

'We may be rushed, busy, and stressed, we may shout and scream at one another, but we get up close to do it and sometimes in doing so notice the shared humanity in one another. There is unity. We are united. Our culture here in Gauteng contains various cultures, seSotho, seTswana, Venda…inclusive and welcoming. People come here because they say it’s free. Everybody is welcome.'


'I am a teacher in a school which has learners from all over Africa and the rest of the country. I think the children really benefit from being exposed to so many different cultures and people. For me it's great to see them exposed to other heritages and learning that diversity is important and good. It's the great thing about Gauteng, it's where so many different people and ideas come together.' – Sue, teacher

Gauteng is alive. You get a sense of life…so much going on in Gauteng. There is a drive to succeed and become a better citizen for South Africa. Most people are positive. If we have a job, we do it and do it well. Embrace Gauteng!!! Or leave…'

'People interact easily, and cultures are mixed to create a common culture'