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Eighty percent of ‘Quality of Life’ survey respondents indicated that they spent recreational time in shopping malls.
'Gauteng is like Africa's own New York City! Also, it has jacarandas and beautiful plants, loads of trees, gorgeous houses, culture and the great shopping.'
'Potch is a lovely place to live, but it doesn’t compare to Joburg from a shopping point of view. For any special purchases I go to Joburg.' – Maria, shopper

'London has the high streets when it comes to fashion. Joburg has its shopping malls where you have a one-stop-shop for food, fashion and entertainment.'

'We go to Campus Square every weekend because the kids love to go there. We sit down and eat old-fashioned fish and chips and ice cream. I like to look around the big Woolies in town but malls are better because they are smart, not crowded, like town, and they have all the shops you might need.'

'Mall culture is capitalist and bourgeois and it keeps young people away from important things like reading.'

'In Gauteng, shopping centres are collections of things we aspire to. Maybe that’s why we spend so much time there.'


Did you know?

  • The Killarney Mall, constructed in 1961, was the first mall in the GCR.
  • When Eastgate was constructed in 1979 it was the largest mall in the southern hemisphere.
  • Sandton Square/Sandton City is the most visited place in the GCR, followed by the OR Tambo airport.