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The urban landscape of Gauteng is reflected in the map below with land cover in 2009 derived from satellite imagery. The urban population is mainly located in a central north-south spine, in the large metros of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni.

The majority of Gauteng residents (72%) live in houses or formal structures on a separate stand, but a large percentage (12.8%) live in informal settlements. These informal settlements are depicted below and are spread out across the city-region. The Gauteng Provincial Government faces huge challenges providing housing and services for these ever-expanding informal settlements, because the massive population growth in the GCR ensures that this is a moving target.
percentage of households in each dwelling type
GCRO (2009) ‘Quality of Life’ survey
where do people live in Gauteng?
GeoTerraImage, Urban Land Cover (2009)
spread of informal settlements across Gauteng
Eskom (2009)