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The maps below from the Department of Human Settlement’s 'Spatial Viewer on Protest Actions (SPAVOPA)' indicate that the GCR is a hub of housing and service delivery protests, with over 80 protests within a five year period, most of which were peaceful and indicate a high degree of social cohesion and organisation; but some of which resulted in damage to infrastructure, violence and arrests.

service delivery protests in South Africa

Department of Human Settlements


service delivery protests in the GCR
Department of Human Settlements

The grievances that drove these protests reportedly included the lack of information about or participation in decision-making, as well as perceived local government corruption and nepotism, inefficiency, shoddy workmanship and incomplete work on housing projects, combined with (or inflated by) raised expectations from political campaigning.

DHS Fact sheet (June 2010) 'Spatial analysis of national outbreak of service delivery protest', RSA