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Employment by occupation can be classified according to different skills 'which are influenced by education, training, the general competencies and levels of skills required within a particular occupation. The skill level is important as one can only do specialised jobs when certain skills are attained. Skills shortages and mismatches are some of the challenges facing developing economies and posing a serious threat to economic growth and achievement of socio-economic goals.' (Gauteng Provincial Government Department of finance (2010) 'Gauteng Socio-Economic Review and Outlook (SERO)', 39)

The figure below shows that between 2001 and 2008 a considerable number of employees in Gauteng were in elementary occupations. While the percentage share of some occupations decreased during this period, the percentage share amongst professionals, legislators, senior officials and managers, and craft and related trades workers increased.   


employment by occupation in Gauteng

Gauteng Provincial Government Department of Finance (2010) 'Gauteng Socio-Economic Review and Outlook (SERO)', 39