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There is substantial evidence of weak relations between citizens and officials. The ‘Quality of Life' survey revealed that:

  • only 17% of respondents had ever tried to contact a government department, although of those that had sought to contact a department, 61% got a response, and of those, in turn, 71% were happy with their response. Clearly a large part of the challenge is empowering people to be able to approach government in the first place. At a GCRO focus group conducted in October 2009, one participant said revealingly: “Because I’m uneducated I don’t go back to the offices to find out why I haven’t received anything. I will just sit back”.
  • when respondents were asked, “Do you think most government officials are doing their best to service the people according to the principles of Batho Pele?”, 57% said no, and a further 16.4% said they never interact with government officials.
Focus Group Commissioned by GCRO (2009) 'Violent Community Protest Roundtable'