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Provincial government boundaries have been redefined. Today, the boundary of the Gauteng Provincial Government encloses the economic core of the wider city-region. A new set of provincial government departments have been defined, building on but also radically transforming the base inherited from the old Transvaal Provincial Administration.

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Gauteng is one of nine provinces making up South Africa.

Senior elected leadership comprises the Premier and her Members of the Executive Council (MECs). Each MEC is allocated a portfolio which relates to one of the following Gauteng Provincial Government departments:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Community Safety
  • Finance
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health and Social Development
  • Local Government and Housing
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Roads and Transport
  • Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture
The Office of the Premier, with the Gauteng Planning Commission, plays a strong ‘policy centre’ and co-ordination role.


Functional areas of shared national and provincial competence, as defined in Schedule 4A of the Constitution:

Education at all levels, excluding tertiary education, housing, health services, environment, disaster management, agriculture, public transport, welfare services, tourism, trade, etc.

Functional areas of exclusive provincial competence, as defined in Schedule 5A of the Constitution:

Ambulance services, liquor licences, provincial planning, provincial recreation and amenities, provincial sports, provincial roads and traffic, abbatoirs, etc.