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Gauteng is still experiencing rapid population growth

In 1996, Gauteng had a population of 7 348 421. In 2001, the population had grown to 9 389 351. And by 2007, the population was estimated at 10 451 713 (or 10 667 573 when adjusted to include Merafong). The overall population change between 2001 and 2007 was 13.61% (adjusted to include Merafong), just under 2% per year.

The surrounding areas of Rustenburg, Potchestroom, Sasolburg and Witbank/Middelburg/Secunda grew by 19%, while the displaced population in the former homelands to the north east has been growing by only 5%.

This is an indication that population growth in the GCR as a whole is not only fuelled by natural births, but by in-migration to Gauteng and its surrounding areas.

population growth in municipalities across the GCR

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